Development for Leaders and Teams

If you are a leader and you want to reach the next level, we can help you dramatically improve your Leadership Presence, the way your team and organization manage key Leadership Activities, and your results and staff satisfaction.

Our services apply our Approach to real, current work challenges to get two things done at once: business results and leadership development.

Our services apply our Approach to real, current work challenges to get two things done at once: business results and leadership development. No matter what your challenge, you will discover how managing yourself as you lead others will promote the progress and satisfaction that you’ve been wanting.

  • Evolve your signature leadership brand
  • Increase your emotional resilience and stamina for facing leadership challenges
  • Create a partnership with your team to balance your authority and their influence
  • Integrate personal values, professional aspirations, and strategic goals

Our Offerings

Leadership assessments for teams, organizations, and culture

Outcome: A clear, data-based appraisal of your team’s leadership effectiveness and culture, integrating internal and external perspectives, and complete with specific recommendations for action and change.

Investment: Initial goal-setting to clarify scope of assessment; observation, surveys, and interviews with key teams and people; and feedback and action planning meetings with key participants to understand and plan productive response to the findings.

Emotional resilience coaching for CEOs, executives, managers, and coaches

Outcome: Increased results and team functioning from increased leadership nerve, skill, and maturity – as applied to creating leadership visions, decision-making, staff engagement, organization alignment, and performance management.

Investment: Regular coaching sessions over an agreed upon timeframe (usually 6 months), focused on specific business outcomes and substantial development in the desired leadership arenas.

Retreat and offsite design and facilitation

Outcome: Beyond achievement of leadership development goals, team learning integrated with the business agenda. Freedom from facilitation provides freedom to focus on the essential agenda at hand.

Investment: Clarify learning goals and outcomes for the session, alignment of goals and objectives with strategic priorities, and planning and preparation of key designated leaders and staff, time for training events.

Strategic leadership team consulting designed for breakthrough results

Outcome: Improved business results, more leaders with nerve, and change in team’s most disruptive interaction habits. Launch a new or existing leadership team into a more evolved mindset and way of leading and working together, to deliver previously impossible results.

Investment: 6-12 months of regular consultation, training, and coaching – customized to your team’s goals, strengths and weaknesses, and level of leadership maturity, that addresses your business agenda, team and leadership development goals, and cultural barriers.

Leadership transition coaching - 1st 100 days

Outcome: Smoother, faster, more productive transitions of leaders in new roles (and their teams), re-organizations, acquisitions, or mergers. Reduced distraction and downtime effect on business productivity.

Investment: Planning and preparation of key leaders involved, preparation of teams most affected by transition, collaborative activities to address key issues, and planning to monitor progress; and planning and preparation for strategic and interpersonal development.

Leadership and management training for leaders, managers, and coaches

Outcome: Increased knowledge and application of crucial, proven leadership principles and practices, development of leadership presence and nerve, more informed response to current significant leadership challenges.

Investment: goal setting, alignment of participants’ goals with organization’s key strategic priorities, and training time.

Peer consultation groups for managers and internal human resources staff

Outcome: Improved use of key leadership principles and practices, development of leadership nerve, and resolution of identified business problems – e.g. improved business results, better organization alignment, less staff turnover, etc.

Investment: Goal-setting for participants, alignment of participants’ goals with organization’s key strategic priorities, and five monthly half-day meetings. Previous exposure to RTA leadership principles and practices is necessary.

Mentoring programs for new leaders and internal consultants

Outcome: Successful integration and results in first 100 days in new role, enhanced leadership skill and approach, development of leadership nerve.

Investment: Clarify business and outcomes and individual goals, identify key internal stakeholders for integration into key activities, planning and preparation for strategic and interpersonal development.

Conflict resolution for interpersonal, organizational, and merger differences

Outcome: Sustainable solutions that all parties are fully committed to (and excited about), reduced distraction and downtime affecting productivity, results, and staff morale, insight into one’s own contribution to conflict, and an established practice for resolving conflicts in the future.

Investment: Goal-setting for all participants; planning and preparation for learning and personal interaction goals; willingness to see the whole conflict as well as your side; facilitated face-to face meetings (varies depending of scope of conflict); and, depending on the entrenchment involved, time to allow a shift in view of reality.

Retreats for retiring CEOs and executives

Outcome: Clear plan for next phase of life beyond retirement, including how to contribute meaningfully, express your signature life gift, develop mentorship, and relax with family and friends.

Investment: Discernment of current life priorities, goals, and signature gift, orientation meeting, and four luxury retreats with small group of colleagues and key significant others over 1 year.

Outcomes of the work

  • Better Leaders: Leaders with the nerve to take charge and engage others
  • Improved Interaction: More direct and productive interactions
  • Better Alignment: More commitment and coordination with your team and organization
  • Improved Performance: Achieve surprisingly great results

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