Shifting Leader-Team Patterns


Shifting Leader-Team Patterns is another way to exercise Leadership Maturity. Many leaders tolerate unproductive patterns of interactions with their teams, avoiding the natural challenges of making decisions, alignment, coordination, cascading alignment, and performance management. This tool will help you recognize unproductive patterns, and create and establish more productive leader-team patterns that will enable you and your team to deliver breakthrough results.


Terms for Individual Use of Team Performance Management

$25 per person

  • Leaders who want to use the tool themselves, or buy copies for their team members at the per person price.
  • Consultants and coaches who want to assess the model’s usefulness, or buy copies for their clients at the per person price.

Terms of Use: Downloadable PDF resides on one computer, and hard copies are for that individual’s use.

Terms for Organizational Use of Team Performance Management

$1000 per organization

Terms of Use: Unlimited hard and soft copies within one organization.  Limited to employees of the organization; not to be used for customers, vendors, or other outside persons.

Team Performance Management plus 1/2 Day Consultation


While the Team Performance Management tool is very useful on its own, you can also get help in customizing the tool to your leadership situation.

Receive organizational use of the Team Performance Management PDF tool, plus a 2-hour orientation on the use of the materials with Roger Taylor. Also, you’ll receive two 1-hour follow-up consultations.

Terms of Use: Purchaser can make unlimited hard copies within their organization.

1-1 Coaching with the Practice:

We provide individual consultation and coaching to help you implement Team Performance Management in your organization.

Custom Pricing – Contact Roger Taylor at

Team Coaching with the Practice

We can help you and your team implement Team Performance Management when it affects a particularly critical strategic priority, so that you and your team ensure the successful execution of that priority.

We provide consultation and coaching for you and your team to develop the skill and capacity to implement the entire Leadership Cycle more effectively to make dramatic progress on all your strategic priorities.

Custom Pricing – Contact Roger Taylor at

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