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Leadership Coaching—A 50-50 Collaboration

Coaching is certainly the hot ticket these days. There’s a coach for so many different activities that it’s sometimes hard to take it all seriously. You can get coaching for making your pet feel loved, coaching to talk with your financial analyst, coaching to talk with your coach. It’s all good. Leadership coaching gets lumped […]

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The Art of Delegation

Leaders love to delegate—and in doing so, they want to empower others. Well, some leaders do. Others struggle with it, wanting to oversee everything to ensure success. Leadership involves a natural tension between freedom and control that comes into clear focus with delegation. On one hand, you want to empower others to spread their wings […]

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The Adventure of Exploring Leadership and Authority

If you use the words “expect,” “insist,” or “consequences” with most management teams today, you’ll get frowns, quizzical looks, and blank stares. If you dig deeper into peoples’ reactions, you’ll learn that most people think of that language as part of an old paradigm of hierarchical leadership. They consider it an oppressive and outdated overuse […]

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