Integrated Leadership: Results, Practices, and Presence

Leadership is a complex pursuit. It involves integrating three key elements of organizational or team life into a clear vision, and then having the nerve to guide and encourage others to make that vision happen.

Any one of these elements of organization or team life may be the reason you are looking for information, counsel, or feeling the call to adventure to develop yourself as a leader.


Maybe you’re dissatisfied or unsure about how your team executes toward outcomes or unproductive social patterns. Great leaders are always focused on two things at once: achieving their organization’s goals and improving the organization’s culture.


Maybe you are troubled by the quality of key leadership activities in your team—around issues such as getting organized around strategic priorities or managing performance. Leaders and teams are most likely to fail if they underestimate the truth about peoples’ needs during change. Any set of goals and expectations means change, and leaders ignore this at their own peril.


Maybe you’re dissatisfied or unsure about how you lead or how you get others to lead. Leadership requires two kinds of “nerve”—the nerve to be determined about where you’re headed, and the nerve to be interested in others’ reactions and contributions to the goal you are choosing. With too much direction, people lose their motivation. With too much freedom, the organization loses its collective advantage. People don’t follow titles; they follow courage.

All of these elements must be integrated into a strategic approach to leadership to be successful, and exploring them separately can lead to a much better integration of them in your day-to-day leadership. Leadership Presence enables effective Leadership Practices, which lead to great results and a satisfying group culture.

Leadership in Action: How It Works

Increasing your leadership nerve will have a dramatic, positive effect on the quality and outcomes of the leadership practices you direct. And when those leadership practices improve, so will your results.

Leadership Alignment Cycle

Leadership Cycle

Leadership Maturity Performance Management Cascading Alignment Leadership Team Coordination Leadership Team Alignment Leadership Vision

The Leadership Alignment Cycle shows the key Leadership Activities that are necessary to deliver great results. At the core of these activities is the Leadership Nerve to fully engage and mobilize the people you depend on to enact the vision. Leaders need the nerve to choose a vision for the future and be committed to it enough to lead others to it, as well as the nerve to understand and absorb people’s fears, discouragement, and irritation about having to change—without caving in.

When you understand what’s preventing your team from reaching the vision, it will be clear which Leadership Activities are productive and which need improvement. As you develop the nerve to lead with resolve and empathy, the key Leadership Activities will start to deliver great results and, at least as important, people will be more satisfied in their jobs.

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Leadership Nerve Performance Management Cascading Alignment Leadership Team Coordination Leadership Team Alignment Leadership Vision